Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wednesday Wonderment 09/30/09

Anyone can put some pretty beads on a string and sell some jewelry, however, it takes a certain level of artistic insight and a higher level of attention to detail to really pull of some of the beautiful wonders I have seen from our Busy Moms that make jewelry. After having searched through all of our wonderful Busy Moms of Etsy, I have found the following items to not only be appealing to my own personal taste, but they look as though a lot of thought and many woman hours have gone into these. (Of course this is just my opinion). And I recommend you check all of them out because they all have beautiful things you can do that here

I found this wonderful design at New Hope Beading and I strongly urge you to check out her many other items that she has in her shop

Now that I have your attention, lets move onto some more handmade creations from our Busy Moms of Etsy.

The next shop is called Jacaranda Designs In this Etsy shop there are many beautiful items to choose from as well! The one I found to be most ornate or detailed to me is this

This item is also currently available for free shipping!


Another item I would like to share with all of you is definitely an "out of the box" jewelry piece. It is lovely and unique you can find it at EminTaos

And wrapping up this blog of great jewelry designs, we will finish it off with EsThings. I found these lovely earrings listed below at her shop perfect for the upcoming holiday season.
As always, you should never take my word for it, it is only my opinion. So I encourage you to go to this site and become a follower so you can see all the other Busy Moms of Etsy and all the other wonderful wares they sell at Etsy


  1. Oh thank you so much for including my apatite necklace and I am flattered. Beautiful pieces all my fellow Busy Moms :)

  2. Great Picks Laura! Love all the pretty colors!

  3. Thanks for including my earrings... and great company to be featured with.