Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday Wonderment 09/23/09

This weeks Etsy features have been put together for expectant mom's and dad's.

Having been an expectant mother twice in my lifetime, I can't tell you how eager I was to run out and buy "something, anything" to acknowledge my pregnancy. There are many things a person is going to need to help feed, cloth and carry their new little bundle of joy, and where's a better place to look, than with other moms!
So, to start off, let's find some cute clothes!

One of our Busy Moms has a shop called Cantaloupe Corner. She has oodles of cute little creepers for your baby to crawl around in. I found this one that I think is just to cute to pass up

Here she specializes in handmade tees and accessories not only for you new baby, but for toddlers, preschoolers and moms too! Go check her out!

Of course what would Christmas time be without cold weather? You are gonna wanna bundle that little baby up! I found this cute little stocking hat,

that will keep your child warm while sporting another beautiful handmade item from another mom! This mom calls her shop Huggermugger. There are also other wonderful items in her shop that you should take a gander at too.

Although your precious little dear will look so cute in his or her little hat and creeper, don't forget, they make messes too! I found a shop called Baby Jayne's. Here you can get the cutest burp clothes that will have you smiling while burping your baby.


Aside from preparing for the birth of your new little miracle, you will want to let everyone know all about him or her. Upon my travels through the Busy Moms of Etsy website, I came across Diva's 3 Design and found these well put together announcements. Of course, since red is my favorite color, I was definitely more drawn to this one.

As always, these shops are run by Busy Moms! Go check out their blog at Busy Moms of Etsy and become a follower so you can stay current with Time & Money Saving Tips, Hot Deals and other features provided by other busy moms.


  1. Great selection of baby-related items!!! Makes me want another baby (almost!).