Thursday, July 23, 2009

WyJa Jewels

Hello world! My name is Laura Robinson and I am located in the Desert Southwest were beauty is in every direction you turn, visions of history cross your path with each step and the weather is HOT! Although I work full time already, I have decided to venture outside of the cubicle and try to find something that suits me to do in my free time, although most of us know that is rare. After many attempts to find my second... actually third calling in life, I have discovered I do enjoy making earrings. I hope to begin making necklaces and bracelets and other adorned accessories, but for now, I have started with earrings.

I am fairly new to this blog thing which is to coincide with my on-line store to help promote sells (I hope), but under the tutelage of my great friend Amy, I am sure I will emerge from this concept feeling adequate enough to carry on. (No pressure Amy)

Speaking of Amy, did you know she has a store at too? She sells Soy candles (more varieties than a person could hope for) and hand milled soaps. I have sampled quite a few of the candles, and I have loved them all. Why don't you take a moment to go check her out at
Ozark Scents Candle Co Blog.

When your done there, come back to my blog and start following so you can track my sales and success. Once I have produced enough stock to feel comfortable selling, you will also be able to find me on

Much love,
Laura Robinson

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  1. Hey! Looking good!! Love the name! Thanks for the mention! ;) I will call you tonite so we can talk about all this stuff!! :)