Monday, July 27, 2009

How to take care of that Precious Gem

So he/she finally proposed and gave you the most gorgeous diamond ring you could ever imagine, now, not only do you have to start stressing about the worlds most fabulous and perfect wedding, but you are also concerned about how to keep your gem looking as fabulous as it did the day he/she gave it to you. After all, this is the piece of jewelry you plan on keeping Until Death Do You Part. Right?, Right!

You could always go and get a bottle of jewelry cleaner at your local department/drugstore, but lets face it, we’re “Do-it-yourselfers”. So a bottle of something at the drugstore wouldn’t quite fit our concept of using less harmful chemicals. I spoke with my friend Amy at and she told me she uses toothpaste and loves the results. After a little research, I found this is a quite common practice. I did some research on (a website everyone should add thier favorites) and came up with the following recipe for success:

You will need the following 3 items:
Denture cleaner tablets (any brand will do)
large glass or cup
warm water
1. Fill the glass or cup with warm water. Drop in denture cleaner tablet(s) as directed. Always read the label and warning information on the box of the denture cleaner before using.
2. Drop into the cup any pieces of jewelry you would like to clean. I have not tried this method for larger pieces of jewelry or costume jewelry. Please make sure NOT to try this method with any piece of jewelry that my rust or break. Let the jewelry sit inside the glass or cup of denture cleaner for 30-45 minutes. Let it soak.
3. Rinse jewelry in cool water and let air dry. Enjoy the renewed sparkles and shine!

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