Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gemstones and Crystals, which one would you require?

So I have recently been reading up on gemstones and crystals and what their “healing powers” are. I found that Rose Quartz is a common crystal among those with multiple healing powers.
I have put together a little bit of information and I have cited all references in this blog so you do your own looking as there are tons of ailments; crystals and gemstones can help people with.
With Rose Quartz being the most common among my reading – I thought I would list its healing powers first.
Rose Quartz can help a person with – Ease of Aches and Pains, Anger, Illness in Animals, Angina, Anorexia, Asthma, Bruises, Burns, your Central Nervous System and the list goes on and on. The most efficient source of information that I found while researching common ailments for Rose Quartz was at This website was the easiest to maneuver around as I have found the resources of Gemstone and Crystal information to be a little overwhelming.

I have decided to retain a few crystals and gemstones for my own use. The ones I will be using in my own home and on my person will be Rose Quartz (obviously), Carnelian, Blue Tiger Eye, Amethyst and Aquamarine.

Another thought you should put into the gemstone you purchase, is where on your body will it lie. There are 12 major Chakra’s within your person. Chakra – center of spiritual power in body I found useful information regarding this at

One final note you might want to consider is the Cleansing of your crystal or gemstone. I had never heard of this, but have watched The Green Mile a few years back, I can certainly see where this would be needed. I found the most useful information regarding cleaning your gemstone or crystal at

Now that I have armed you with a new education… I highly recommend you think about the possibility that these things can work. We should quit turning to pills and start turning to natural cures whenever possible.

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